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Walks with shelter dogs

I think, I’ll keep in memory forever that day when me and my boyfriend entered asylum shelter for dogs called “Projekt HOPE” for the first time. Director Jana greeted us at the front door and asked us to step into a small hallway and close the door behind us. We could not overhear all the excited barking. I guess they knew we came to take them for walks. “Are you guys ready?” “Sure, we are! Let them get us!” In a few seconds we were splashed with a wave of love and instant furry happiness. We were surrounded by ten to fifteen dogs of all breeds, sizes and colours. Their tails were waging like it was all a big race – winner gets our hugs and kisses! After that we were assigned two great buddies – Fanda, an aspiring pigeon hunter, and Max – girl’s heart-breaker. Both were completely problem-free, kind and so grateful for taking them out for walks.

Next week we came again. And than again. And again… It’s quite addictive! It’s very pleasant to walk your own dog, of course. But there is something unique on walking a shelter dog. It often happens, that they’re a bit timid at first, however after you give them some time (and maybe some dog biscuits 🙂 ), their hearts melt. It is so nice to watch how happy they are to be outside, wagging all around and looking up every 5 minutes to blink on you happily.

So? Are you free this weekend?

Where to go to walk shelter dogs, you ask? In Praha, you can go to Útulek Libeň or to asylum dog shelter Projekt Hope. A little bit far from Praha is VoříškovÚtulek Bouchalka or Dogpoint. If none of those is in close proximity to you, try to find website of your nearest dog shelter to find out whether it’s permitted to walk dogs from there. But remember, wherever you go, it is necessary to call first to make an appointment and to make sure that you fulfill their specific requirements, if there are any. Hey! And don’t forget to take poop bags, you’ll need them 🙂

Have fun and say hi to your new pals!

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