Shipping costs in the Czech republic are as follows:

  • Zásilkovna: 55 CZK / €2,20
  • Zásilkovna Courier: 95 CZK/ €3,80

Shipping costs in the Slovak republic are as follows:

  • Zásielkovňa: 80 CZK / €3,20
  • Zásielkovňa Courier: 135 CZK / €5,40

In the case of payment by standard bank transfer, the goods will be shipped to you immediately after the purchase price and shipping costs are credited in full to our bank account.



Payment methods

You may pay the total sum via standard bank transfer, express online bank transfer using the payment buttons of the selected bank institutions or online via payment card.

We apologize, but we do not accept payment on delivery. Thank you for understanding.




How to choose the right size?

You’re not sure which size to choose for your best buddy? Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and add 22 cm to the resulting number, which you will need for comfortable tying. Then choose one of our sizes XS, S, M or L. Detailed information about bandana sizes are given in the product description.

Example: The circumference of my dog’s neck is 44 cm. 44+22=66 cm. Ideal size is bandana M.

If you still hesitate between two sizes, we recommend to choose the bigger one! You can always adjust bigger bandana according to your needs – you can fold or roll few centimeters of the top of the bandana and place it inside/outside.

TIP: If your dog has a very long hair, make sure to order bigger bandana. For example border collies are medium sized dogs however large bandana suits them better!

Please, bare in mind that our bandanas have been handmade (by a very lovely lady) so that the final size of your bandana might be a little smaller or bigger than the measurements given in the product description. But do not worry at all! If the measurement deviation is 6 % and more, you are entitled to file a complaint!





Materials: 100% cotton. And not just ordinary cotton! Bandana is made from smooth and even to touch poplin.

In order to keep your bandana’s colors vivid for a long time, please hand wash your bandana only (water temperature no more than 30°C). After washing air dry on flat surface.

Under no circumstances do not dry your bandana in direct sunlight. Its colors might fade out 🙁

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