Oh no, is something wrong? We are terribly sorry. Please give us a chance to make things right and to fix our reputatiton during the process of claiming defective goods.

How to proceed?

Firstly, please write us an email to obchod@hafans.dog so that we can check whether you claim damaged goods in time. Then we will agree on the further steps regarding when and how to claim defective product.

In order to claim defective goods properly, you must deliver us respective goods together with description of its defect and information about which right from a defective performance you’ve chosen (replacement for new defect-free product, removal of the defect, reduction of the purchase price or return of the purchase price*). At the same time, you must also prove to us the date of purchase of the goods, preferably by submitting invoice, if such was issued, or in another credible way.

Don’t waste your time with drafting of complaint letter. Here’s a template, which you can download – simply click here. If possible, please print it out, fill it out, sign it and send it via registered letter* (preferably together with the goods you wish to claim) onto following addres:

Rubmybelly s.r.o., L. Váchy 110, Zlín, 760 01, Czech Republic

You can find more information about claiming defective goods in Article VII. (Defective performance rights) (COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE) of Terms and Conditions.

* Choice of the defective performance right depends on the nature and severity of the defect. You can find more information in Article VII. (Defective performance rights) (COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE), par. 5 and following of Terms and Conditions.

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