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2020 HAFANS’ balance

In the end of 2019, when I was deciding on which charity or non-profit organization should HAFANS support in upcoming year, it was not difficult at all. At the time I was already amazed by the work of Helppes, so that there was not much left to think about. Assistance dogs, signal dogs and guide dogs (all of them trained by Helppes) devotedly help their owners with daily tasks. These people have not been as fortunate as most of us are. They either have come down with an illness, are deaf, blind or have a problem of different nature, that can be solved, completely or particularly with a hand (paw) of Helppes’ dog. And that is where I see the beauty of it. In Helppes’ activities, the topic of dogs, which is the substance of HAFANS, merges with helping people. It just makes sense to me. That is why HAFANS donated 12.000 Kč to Helppes. Contributions from donors are mainly used to fund such dog trainings – purchase price of specially trained dog amounts to around 250.000 Kč.

In addition, HAFANS also supported several charitable events. Proceeds of such events were donated to specific shelters for abandoned and sick animals in the Czech Republic. We have donated HAFANS products worth 1220 Kč to Sraz Placatek in Most (yearly meeting of owners and dogs with “flat faces” such as French Bulldogs, English bulldogs, pugs etc.), products worth 1470 Kč to Mopsí sraz in Brno (yearly meeting of pugs and their owners) and products (hair scrunchies and headbands mainly) worth 330 Kč to cheer up disabled children in a summer camp. Moreover we also supported the FRBUL Association with donation of 2000 Kč. FRBUL helps dogs in need, most often abandoned or abused French bulldogs, pugs and bulldogs by looking for new families for them. They provide the dogs with temporary home and with veterinary supervision. What FRBUL does is so close to my heart that I decided to organize special Christmas event called “Christmas dog callendar” into which a lot of Czech brands with dog products joined (Hafan, Brand for French, Pawsome Gang, Ecopets products, Frenchi, Queri.cz, Zolly Dog Bakery, RE.BRUNS and us HAFANS). At the end we supported the activities of FRBUL with a total amount of CZK 9,800 from the proceeds of the event.

To sum up HAFANS donated 17.020 Kč.

Taking into account that HAFANS is a new and really tiny company with only one person in charge of everything, me – Hana – and two external seamstresses, I think it’s a nice amount. Of course it is not as much as I would like HAFANS to be donating. However, after a year and a half of the company’s existence, I sense that HAFANS is going in the right direction and I firmly believe that next year the total sum of financial gifts will be even higher. Nevertheless it is not possible without your help! That is why I hereby sincerely thank you for your support.


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